Shari eco lodge

Located in an apple orchard in the Bhutanese Himalaya, Shari Lodge Eco Resort is designed to give guests a luxurious but unmistakably local experience. The masterplan consists of five guest cabins, an owner’s cottage, a welcome pavilion and a generous main lodge building. As well as a tourist destination, Shari Lodge is designed to be a hub of education and culture for the rural Bhutanese community.

Location: Shari, Paro, Bhutan
Status: Ongoing

The resort’s construction will be used as a mechanism to re-educate local trades people and artisans in traditional Bhutanese construction methods. Workshops and schools will continue this mission once the lodge is operational.

Materials used throughout the resort are rammed earth, locally sourced pine panelling, woven screens, shingle roofing and slate and limestone flooring.

Lodge Construction was due to commence in March 2020 but has been delayed due to COVID-19. We look forward to sharing further details as this project commences.

location photographs