Based in Sydney but working across regional Australia, Marker is a progressive design studio with a down-to-earth approach. We create architecture that enables our clients to shed the unnecessary baggage of modern life and reconnect with the natural environment and with the people they love.

We are devoted to natural, tactile materials and honest architectural expression executed with contemporary flair. We love to create exciting and unpredictable moments because we believe architecture should not just be functional but joyful. Our architecture is respectful to the landscape it inhabits and we strive to ensure that the impact of our work on the planet is minimal.


Our approach to design and project management is highly empathetic. We see our role as to serve as our clients’ ambassador through the design and construction process and to do this effectively, we go to great lengths to understand them. We recognise that in order to correctly prioritise our clients' resources and to create environments that will enrich their lives we must first understand their values, how they live and their vision for their future.

We understand that design and construction is about teamwork and we pride ourselves on being caring and diligent collaborators in every interaction. For each project, we focus on creating an environment in which our clients feel empowered and supported to realise their vision.

We work hard to embed innovative and considered design into our projects at every opportunity because we understand that thoughtful design produces tangibly better outcomes for our clients and for their communities.

Marker Office


We recognise that not all projects have the same requirements so we tailor our services to respond to each client’s specific priorities, budget and timeline.

Full Architectural Service

From establishing a project brief to negotiating with builders and administering construction contracts we can provide architectural services from start to finish for your project. During an architectural project, your design team will not only consist of us, but also other experts including engineers, planners, and environmental consultants. We coordinate this wider team ensuring that critical information and technical requirements are integrated into the architectural design. Interior design forms part of our architectural service, however we are happy to collaborate with third party interior designers and other design specialists.

Feasibility Studies

Architectural feasibility studies involve exploring the potential of a property from the perspective of an architect. For clients that need guidance on whether to rebuild, upsize, downsize, or purchase a property, an architectural feasibility study can be a valuable input into the decision-making process. The scope of a feasibility study can be tailored to suit the amount of time at hand and depth of information required. A feasibility study is a good way to begin working with an architect before committing to a fully serviced project.

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