Drip-Dry House

Back to the essentials. For the owners of Drip-Dry house, we came to understand that this was a philosophy for everything. Not just a design brief concerned with number of bedrooms or style of window, but an ideology about how they wanted to live and experience each other’s company.

Location: Worimi Country - Hawks Nest, NSW
Completed: 2020
Builder: TMG Building & Construction
Structural: Harrison & Morris
Stormwater: Harrison & Morris
Landscape: Owners
Interiors: Marker
Photography: Simon Whitbread

As seen in: Greeen Magazine ︎︎︎
Featured on: Co-Architecture ︎︎︎
This inter-generational home has been designed to exorcise all the unnecessary features of modern life and strip it back to its most prized foundations: Spending time with the people you love. The layout enables multiple generations to use the property together or apart allowing relationships to augment and grow - grandparents become parents, children turn into grandchildren and then swiftly back again.

As a house near the beach with a young family, being ‘wash and wear’ was a pillar of the design brief. Concrete floors throughout are easily swept, water-wise native landscaping is easily maintained and all accessories like screens and blinds are back-to-basics analogue operation. At one end of the expansive double height living space is a budget friendly, ‘domesticated’ commercial kitchen that has been constructed out of off-the-shelf stainless steel units including benchtops on castors and integrated sink and dishwasher components. The benchtop units can be unlocked to enable reconfiguration for different situations; a bar and outdoor kitchen in summer or a buffet unit for big family meals.